Dazzl 360 rotating double sided ironing board

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360° Board Rotation

Shirts stay on the board instead make board turn. 3 minute is enough for shirts eliminating cloths repositioning for the other side.

Ergonomic Design

Double sided ironing board contoured like human torso from neck, shoulder to hip make iron easier and faster.

Built-in Pants Clip

A pair of pants clip make easy crease and ensure smooth seams

Detail Board

Detachable sub board is convenient for detailed parts such as sleeve, caller, pants and blouse.

Removable Cover

Zipper cover make it easy to remove for washing or extra cover replacement

Iron Rest

Pocket style iron satay keep iron safely during board rotation and make comfortable for left or right hand use.


No need to set up a hanger. Hang ironed clothes for convenience.

Easy 8 Step Height Control

Patented frame mechanism make it easy to fold and unfold the board also it support easy 8 step height control so you can iron at any position on chair or couch and standing.

Built-in Roller Wheels

No need to lift the ironing board around the house. Simply wheel in and out as required.

Steamer Position

Transform the board to a steamer position by tilting down the hanger side to the floor. The unique 360 rotating features can be used to steam front and back without removing the clothes from the board.

Daily Hanger Position

Position in 2 level and tilt wide side down to the floor. Then it could be used as a daily hanger.