Pure Living Australia is 100% Australian owned company based in Sydney. Our mission is to provide innovative products from around the world to enhance the lifestyle of our Australian and New Zealand customers. We manufacture and import bathroom products, Merino wool basics and personal care products from Korea and China.

Our Merino wool basic clothes are comfortable to wear for all 4 seasons. We only use 100% Australian Merino wool for its superior quality and comfort. Many world leading brands orders from our state-of-the-art factory.

We also manufacture patented bathroom products such as shower heads and suction holders. We are one of the main suppliers of bathroom proudcts to many market leading renovation, construction and interior decoration companies in Australia. We constantly research, design and manufacture innovative home solutions that are not just affordable but are also met with the highest quality standards.  

We are the exclusive distributor of BREO portable massagers. Breo is a market leader of portable massagers. With over 20 years experience, Breo has all the massagers you need that are light weight and easy to use.

We also provide selected products to TVSN (Australia's only TV Home Shopping Channel) so that it can reach out to all Australians nationwide.

We have recently expanded to New Zealand. All New Zealand enquiries should be made to purelivingnewzealand@gmail.com