Water Ioniser - 100% natural DIY Sanitiser

Water Ioniser - 100% natural DIY Sanitiser

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A New Class of Steriliser. Make natural steriliser and deodoriser at the convenience of your own home safely and easily.

Cost Efficiency

Unlike other products, which have separate usages and purposes such as washing, cleaning, deodorisation, sterilisation, etc., Water Ioniser is an all-in-one product which can be used for multiple purposes

Smart Technology

Our patented metal lath triple layered electrodes (TLE) turns tap water into powerful sterilising and deodorising water in minutes safely. Furthermore, our electrolysis process does not create Ozone which can be harmful to humans and has a fishy odor.
Water Ioniser is a FDA registered (No. 3014270356) device and passed the standard for FDA registration to be used as a medical device. Water Ioniser converts normal tap water into a powerful sterilising and deodorising water by using electrolysis technology. Electrolised water generated by Water Ioniser sterilises harmful microorganisms like germs, viruses, molds, etc. It has the ability to remove odor without causing any harm to humans.
Water Ioniser generates Hypochlorus acid and Hypochlorite ion concentartion ranging between 1-150 ppm. FDA recommends no higher than 200 ppm for safety reason. That is why bleach need to be diluted with water to bring down the level below 200 ppm.