CUBROID - Premium Kit
CUBROID - Premium Kit

CUBROID - Premium Kit

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Cubroid is the world’s easiest coding block set that allows children to explore the robotics world and gain exposure in coding. Through the use of dynamic & wireless connector blocks and simple coding platforms, we offer a fun and educational experience for children to express their creativity.

Wireless coding blocks for STEAM education

  1. A set of programming blocks without any visible lines or connecting pins
  2. Created for safe and easy assembly
  3. Equipped with actuators and sensor blocks that work without external connections
  4. Functions via wireless communication, which makes it possible for users to code in numerous combinations
  5. Compatible with Legos for creative purposes, so children can be innovative without restrictions
  6. An opportunity for young kids to learn STEAM concepts and simple programming
  7. A source of confidence and a sense of accomplishment for young kids when they successfully build and operate their own robots



Premium Kit Inclusions:

1. Master Block
Be expressive and code with a variety of colors.
Cubroid can be linked to the Scratch program when connected to a computer

2. DC MOTOR Block
Block with 360 degree rotation

3. LED Block
With 64 LED dots in total you can showcase many different illustrations

4. Sound Block
Block that can emit various sounds

5. Proximity Sensor Block
A block that detects the proximity of approaching objects

6. Light & Touch Sensor Block
A block that detects the level of light it is exposed to
A block that detects when the button is pressed

7. 111 piecess



CUBROID - Premium Kit