U2 Wallpaper - Newspaper II - 60 sheets

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U2 Wallpaper, with over 30 years manufacturing experience in wallpaper is proud to present prepasted removable DIY wallpaper that is easy to install with no special tools required.

Wallpaper is one of the top home design trends; the gorgeous textures and patterns can really make walls pop. However, many renters might assume that wallpaper is a design dream exclusive to homeowners. Others may worry that the patterns they love today will be out of fashion tomorrow. Those worries are over, thanks to removable wallpaper.

Removable wallpaper, also known as temporary wallpaper, is the ideal design upgrade for renters. It uses special adhesives to stick to the walls permanently, yet peels off effortlessly when it’s time to move or remodel. Landlords won’t even know that it was ever there. The nightmarish days of steaming, scoring and removal tools or painted-over wallpaper are over.

  • Cutting-edge prepasted glue engineered from Europe 
  • Compact size for easy handling (36cm x 36cm)
  • No tools or skills needed
  • No need to remove existing wallpaper
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to remove
  • Bubble-free installation
  • HP PVC-free wallpaper